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Researcher Li Hongyun interprets the application status and development trend of composites in the aviation field

on January 21, 2010, at the invitation of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher Li Hongyun, deputy chief engineer of non-metallic materials of AVIC Beijing Institute of aeronautical materials, visited the Institute and made an academic report entitled "application status and development trend of composites in the aviation field", And conducted a warm interactive exchange with scientific researchers on site

the report meeting was presided over by zhouguangyuan, assistant director of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry. Some researchers, scientific researchers, relevant personnel of functional departments of the organ and nearly 200 graduate students jointly mean that the new copper alloy functional materials produced by Guoliang copper have been certified by the national authority and listened to the report

vice president Li Hongyun expressed his high hopes for the entry of water shares into the capital market. In his report, he introduced the application status and development trend of composites in military aircraft, civil aircraft, helicopters and aeroengines at home and abroad, and emphasized the requirements of future aircraft for composites in terms of high damage tolerance and temperature resistance; The current situation and development direction of composite manufacturing technology are comprehensively summarized, and it is emphasized that the processability of materials should adapt to the development of new technology; At the same time, the demand for composite materials in China's aviation development is introduced

the report has attracted great attention of researchers and graduate students. The ladder classroom of the education building is full. The report, which is rich in content and easy to understand, has benefited the participants of (6) mortar a lot, and the meaning is not enough. It not only has a new understanding and understanding of the application status and development trend of composite materials in the aviation field, but also enlightens and broadens the research ideas. The report plays an important guiding role in guiding scientific researchers to find the junction between polymer composites and the aerospace field, and carry out research work according to the actual needs of aircraft for composites. At the same time, it provides a rare opportunity for the exchange and cooperation between Changchun Yinghua Institute and Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials in composites, lays a good foundation, and is of great significance for jointly promoting the construction and development of disciplines

researcher Li Hongyun, deputy chief engineer of aviation 621 Institute (non-metallic materials). From 2002 to 2004, he served as a senior visiting scholar at the internationally renowned Delaware composite Institute in the United States. He has been engaged in the research of advanced composites and material processing and preparation for a long time, and has participated in and been responsible for the research of major projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, national 973 project and 863 plan, pre research, model tasks, etc., including the research of fiber metal laminates, RTM resins and composites. At present, he is responsible for the 863 Program "test and evaluation of ccf-3 polypropylene nitrile based carbon fiber" and the 973 project "basic theory and practice of multi-level high-performance composites"

researcher Li Hongyun's report

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