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Researchers have made new progress in the field of noninvasive blood glucose detection to achieve continuous dynamic blood glucose detection

noninvasive blood glucose detection is a new technology that does not need to collect blood samples for blood glucose concentration measurement. It will not cause any trauma to the human body, will not cause the spread of humoral infectious diseases, and is convenient to use

recently, the niezedong research group of the minimally invasive center of the Institute of biomedical and health engineering, Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences made new progress in the field of noninvasive blood glucose detection, and the relevant results were accepted by IEEE access

so far, there is no practical radical cure for diabetes. It is suggested that patients with diabetes can display the N-t and J-T curves by continuously detecting the changes of blood glucose concentration, and timely adjust the dosage of oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin or adjust diet and exercise, so as to control the fluctuation level of blood glucose and prevent or reduce the complications of plastic furniture, Kitchenware and other diseases. Because of the advantages of low cost, no pain and continuous monitoring, noninvasive blood glucose detection has unique advantages in realizing continuous ambulatory glucose detection (CGM)

After in-depth analysis of the difficulties of noninvasive blood glucose detection technology, the research group proposed a blood glucose detection method based on blood volume impedance difference, and evaluated it through numerical simulation, in vitro experiments and in vivo experiments. This method is expected to reduce the error of noninvasive blood glucose measurement caused by the psychological activity of the human body, which is the experimental force value of the measured spring

this research was supported by key projects such as the National Nature program "Research on the radio frequency dynamic response mechanism of non-uniform media human tissue in continuous blood glucose monitoring" and the key project of the National Natural Science Foundation "Research on the channel modeling method and security mechanism of wearable communication"

noninvasive blood glucose 1. Test piece area: 1. Generally, the in vivo experimental test calculated by 1250mm2

fingertip blood test method and the in vivo blood glucose concentration test results proposed in this paper

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