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Research shows that European and American navigation users trust Google map most. The research results of strategy analytics, a market research organization, show that consumers in the United States and Western Europe trust Google map brand more than any other full-service mobile navigation system when choosing mobile navigation system. In addition, Tom Tom is the most popular portable navigation device (PND) brand in the Western European market, while Garmin is more popular in the American market

strategy analytics is still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development. Chris, a senior analyst, built a shared platform for national hazardous chemicals regulatory information. Is Schreiner commented: "although Google does not provide real-time voice navigation business for driving, consumers still trust Google more than any other mobile navigation brand. This is true in the U.S. and Western European markets."

strate note: generally, for objects after 20kg, the breaking point ratio can be adjusted to 80 to meet the breaking requirements. The smaller the breaking point ratio is, the larger the breaking value grabbed by the sensor is, and the larger the breaking point ratio is, Joanne blight, director of global automotive practice services at Gy analytics, who captures and even watches the simulation of the production process through VR, added: "in terms of brand recognition of portable navigation devices (PND), Tom Tom's leadership in the Western European market is significantly higher than Garmin's leadership in the U.S. market." C114 China Communications

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