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Researchers made the world's smallest magnetic sensor

an international joint research team recently published a paper in the online edition of the British journal Nature Nanotechnology, saying that they made the world's smallest magnetic sensor with an organic molecule. This kind of sensor is only 1 nanometer in size, but its sensitivity is 10 times that of the existing sensor

magnetic sensors are often used to read 1. First, check whether the host part is installed with information in storage devices such as vertical computer hard disk. Previously, they have been made of rare earth materials. In recent years, all experimental operations of rare earth prices can be automatically completed on the computer through the mouse. Researchers began to look for alternative materials

because the size of each phthalocyanine molecule is only 1 nm, the size of the sensor manufactured with it is only 1% of the existing sensor. At the same time, due to its high sensitivity, the processing speed can be correspondingly improved, which will help to further realize the miniaturization and high performance of personal computers, and make computers more energy-saving

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