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Research shows that sunset occupations such as taxi drivers may disappear after ten years

China, December 4, according to South Korean media on December 3, which occupations will disappear after ten or twenty years? What occupations will be concerned by everyone? A few days ago, according to a joint study by the Nomura Institute in Japan and the University of Oxford in the UK, many occupations such as taxi drivers and general clerks have become "sunset occupations"

according to the survey report, ten or twenty years later, it is said that the composition of this material is very simple, and the occupations of car rental driver, general clerk, supermarket clerk, hotel room attendant and so on will gradually disappear

with the development of technology, automation technology products and robots with artificial intelligence can be fully qualified for the above work

Nomura Research Society and Oxford University believe that it is mainly because the occupations of ACR foaming processing aid 5.0~8.0 do not have too high technical content or skills. Now 235 of 601 occupations in Japan are very likely to be replaced by machines. In terms of the number of practitioners, 49% of all workers in Japan, and about 25 million people can be replaced

on the contrary, doctors, teachers, beauticians, tour guides and other occupations that need to communicate with people are irreplaceable, and film directors, musicians and other occupations that need some creativity are also difficult to be replaced by artificial intelligence

a researcher from Nomura Research said, "these occupations that will disappear will gradually move closer to other occupations and eventually be replaced."

experts said that Japan and South Korea, which have entered the aging society, will have fewer and fewer working people, and "at the same time, with the favorable policies and the promotion of the government, they will usher in the era of mechanization and career change faster

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