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Shenzhen airport and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Cross border cooperation "smart airport"

Shenzhen airport group and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huawei) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. In the future, the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in IT infrastructure, smart parks, scientific and technological innovation and staff capacity improvement training, and since there is no need to redesign the structure, and through the establishment of relevant cooperation promotion mechanisms, Set up a smart airport joint innovation project team to jointly build a smart airport with the most benchmarking experience

Luo Yude, chairman of Shenzhen Airport Group (second from the left), and Guo Ping, rotating CEO of Huawei (second from the right)

it is understood that as a large hub airport with an annual passenger flow of more than 40million, in the face of the new challenges brought to airport operation management and service guarantee by the rapid development of business, the popularization of air travel and the diversification of passenger demand in recent years, Shenzhen airport has accelerated the construction of smart airport to provide support for the development of airport business. At present, an information development system supported by various information systems of production, safety, service, management and Commerce has been preliminarily formed. In this cross-border cooperation with Huawei, Shenzhen Airport hopes to promote the cooperation between the two sides in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure, help promote the informatization construction and development of Shenzhen Airport during the 13th Five Year Plan period, and create the most experienced smart airport by giving full play to Huawei's professional and technical advantages and combining its own experience and advantages in airport operation and passenger service

Huawei is looking forward to deepening and penetrating the airport information and communication technology (ICT) operation and becoming a global benchmark in the process of building a smart airport. Guo Ping, the rotating CEO of Huawei, said in his signing speech that as the world's leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, Huawei will make every effort to make comprehensive joint innovation with Shenzhen airport, and provide basic network, cloud computing, data center, IOT innovation and other parties. 3. Electronic pull testing machine selection index services, so as to contribute to maximizing the airport user experience

according to the cooperation agreement, focusing on the theme of jointly promoting the informatization construction and development of Shenzhen Airport during the 13th five year plan, Huawei will provide comprehensive and efficient information and communication technology solutions in combination with the actual development of Shenzhen airport, and provide high-quality, reliable, advanced and convenient products and services for the construction of smart airport. At the same time, the two sides will take the smart airport cooperation as an opportunity to give full play to the advantages of Shenzhen Airport in the logistics park operation informatization, 2. Wear of leather washers or springs of friction plates: the need to replace leather washers or springs, intellectualization and logistics support, as well as Huawei's advantages in large-scale project system integration, information and communication technology optimization equipment, so as to jointly promote the construction of the airport logistics park, And jointly explore the information and communication technology market of overseas logistics parks

on this basis, the two sides will also carry out cross-border integration, carry out research, development, promotion and application in airport IOT, airport cloud and other fields, provide relevant training and exchange services, innovate business models, and jointly explore and cultivate new markets and cooperation fields. In addition, the two sides will regularly carry out training on information and communication technology and related businesses in the airport industry to enhance understanding of each other's corporate culture and provide a basis for comprehensive cooperation between the two sides

this cooperation is not only the starting point of the cooperation between Shenzhen airport and Huawei, but also a solid foundation for the two sides to further strengthen the alliance, complement each other's advantages, continue to innovate, and constantly promote and expand strategic cooperation in new fields. It is understood that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Shenzhen airport is committed to building the most experienced smart airport through continuous improvement and innovation in services, management, technology and development, such as new material technology, consulting, financing, information, testing, standards and other services; On the other hand, we will strive to promote the construction and development of the most distinctive aviation city through thinking innovation and mechanism innovation, and strive to build Shenzhen airport aviation city into a modern and diversified industrial development platform and a model project of domestic smart airport. Luo Yude, chairman of Shenzhen Airport Group, said: these goals are consistent with Huawei's customer-centric philosophy. Shenzhen airport will work with Huawei to pay attention to the travel experience and feelings of every passenger, and make due support and contributions to Shenzhen's internationalization strategy with a larger mind

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