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Shenyang Rio Tinto's loading and unloading stacking manipulator was unveiled at the 2009 Shenyang Manufacturing Expo. From September 1 to 5, 2009, the 8th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo was grandly held in Shenyang (International) Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the Expo is "high and new technology and equipment manufacturing", with a total of five professional exhibition areas, namely: CNC machine tools and their functional components exhibition area, industrial automation and instrumentation exhibition area, power transmission and control technology exhibition area, construction machinery and large equipment exhibition area, special equipment and general equipment exhibition area. The total number of indoor and outdoor booths is 2802, with an exhibition area of 60000 square meters, attracting 598 exhibitors at home and abroad. The number of professional visitors reached 114000

as a local enterprise in Shenyang, Shenyang Rio Tinto Automation Control Technology Co., Ltd. was also invited to participate in this grand event, which is also the second international exhibition we attended in 2009 after Beijing fa/pa exhibition. As the general agent of German Bahr company in China, and also an excellent supplier of domestic rectangular coordinate robots, we are very confident that our manipulator will be displayed at the exhibition and will receive the attention and recognition of many visitors and buyers

the loading and unloading stacking manipulator we launched this time adopts the linear positioning unit of German Bahr company for the guide rail. The loading and unloading manipulator is a Bahr linear guide rail driven by a servo motor, equipped with a clamping cylinder, to clamp the workpiece at the specified position. At the same time, it is emphasized that the purpose of this forum is to learn exchange, develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, inspire ideas, share achievements, and then transport the workpiece to the specified position through the telescopic track combined with X-axis guide rail and Ritz track. For the stacking manipulator, the Bahr linear guide rail will be driven by the synchronous belt. The workpiece will be sucked up through the vacuum suction cup, and the code will be placed in the corresponding position in turn according to the specified procedure. The control part of the loading and unloading stacking manipulator uses PLC to control the servo motor to drive the whole program. When operating, customers only need to operate the touch screen on the electric control cabinet, and easily press a few simple buttons to complete all actions. In addition, our loading and unloading stacking manipulator has a large load range, from a few kilograms to a few tons; The running speed is fast, and the speed can be adjusted; Flexible action, can complete complex stacking and loading and unloading tasks; The proportion of reliable exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased, with high reliability and simple maintenance

this time, we also adopted special decoration in the layout of the booth, bright blue panels, a total height of 5.5 meters, white fluorescent columns, eye-catching rectangular coordinate robots and typical pictures of linear positioning units, adding a lot of color to the entire booth. In addition, we have added a 42 inch LCD TV, which circulates our customer case videos during the exhibition. At present, more customers have a more comprehensive understanding of Shenyang Rio Tinto rectangular coordinate robot and a series of automatic products and solutions such as palletizing, loading and unloading launched by us

in just five days of exhibition, Shenyang Rio Tinto rectangular coordinate robot - loading and unloading stacking manipulator has received extensive attention from exhibitors and visitors from various industries. An endless stream of visitors came to the booth to consult with technicians about product knowledge and explore cooperation intentions. Not only the domestic audience, but also some foreign visitors, such as Japan and the United States, also picked up their cameras and kept shooting. They also expressed strong interest in the application fields and uses of the palletizer, raised many concerns, and expressed sincere praise and admiration for our domestic manufacturers in the field of automation to develop such loading and unloading palletizers

in fact, such independent research and development is only a microcosm of our products. "Concentrate on making robots" has always been the purpose of Shenyang Rio Tinto. Relying on the linear positioning system and manipulator of Bahr company in Germany, Rio Tinto has developed CNC handling, palletizing and assembly robots with excellent price ratio, which are widely used in metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, food processing, electronics and other industries. They are important equipment in aviation, automobile and other industries. Our palletizer and loading and unloading manipulator series products have also been widely praised by our cooperative customers. This time, the appearance of Shenyang Manufacturing Expo is also a statement of our attitude and confidence in developing industrial automation products suitable for Chinese customers. Shenyang Rio Tinto rectangular coordinate robot will make more contributions to the development of industrial automation in China in the future

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