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Shenyang Sany Heavy equipment world's first large slope roadheader set a record

Shenyang Sany Heavy equipment world's first large slope roadheader set a record

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Guide: on the morning of February 16, under the main inclined shaft with a slope of 25 degrees and a footage of about 1000 meters in Hunchun slate coal mine, Jilin, The world's first large slope roadheader, which was restructured by Shenyang Sany Heavy Industry and produced by July 1992 type equipment Co., Ltd., has crawler claws firmly grasping the very steep ground, and the cutting head can retract and retract freely to cut rocks. Regular digging

February 1 to optimize the industrial structure. On the morning of February 6, under the main inclined shaft of Jilin Hunchun slate coal mine with a slope of 25 degrees and a footage of about 1000 meters, a world's first large slope roadheader produced by Shenyang Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. has crawler claws firmly grasping the very steep ground, and the cutting head retracts and cuts the rock freely. "The parameters of conventional roadheader stipulate that its maximum climbing capacity is 16 degrees. In fact, it is difficult to carry out cutting, receiving and other processes on a slope of more than 10 degrees in the introduction of the measurement system. At present, there is no precedent in the world to drive on such a large slope." Sunjingchun, deputy director of Banshi coal mine, introduced excitedly

on the same day, in Yushuwan coal mine, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, two tunneling machines of the same model achieved the performance of driving 1000 meters per month, which is nearly twice the efficiency of the same type of tunneling machines in China

what's more exciting is that the three roadheader machines of Sany Heavy equipment have set the highest domestic safety production records in Inner Mongolia and Anhui respectively...

the overseas market is emerging

Shenyang Sany Heavy equipment also implements the "going out" strategy and is emerging in the overseas market. Following the successful export of an ebz200c standard roadheader to Iran on May 8 last year, which achieved a zero breakthrough in the overseas market, on July 1, the Sany coal machine entered the Russian market, the world's third largest coal producer. In August, the continuous mining machine and shuttle car produced by Sany Heavy equipment, as China's first batch of pillar mining equipment, opened up territory in South Africa, enhancing the popularity of Sany brand in the international market

more good news came one after another: Anglo American Australia subsidiary intended to buy five Sany shuttle cars, signed a memorandum of understanding with India electric steel group, Vietnam Coal mining company said that it would purchase fully mechanized mining equipment from Sany Heavy Equipment in 2010... Sany Heavy equipment products were "blooming everywhere" in overseas sales

the world's first large slope heading machine, the world's first fully automatic heading machine that can automatically locate based on aerospace navigation technology, the domestic first all-in-one digging and anchoring machine, all-in-one digging and drilling machine, continuous mining machine, and fool type heading machine... Now, a "Shenyang heading team" has been fully equipped in Sany Heavy equipment and is going to the world

in the face of crisis, the performance is booming

adhering to the concept of "quality changes the world" and "everything comes from innovation", in more than six years since its birth, Sany Heavy equipment has driven the new coal mining tunneling machine with independent intellectual property rights into the tunnels of key coal mines at home and abroad

here, the workers in the processing workshop are concentrating on the operation according to the process; Over there, the simulation test of the fully automatic combined coal mining unit in the new product trial production workshop is being carried out intensively. On the afternoon of February 16, when I walked into Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. located in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, although it was a holiday, a strong development heat wave came. According to the person in charge of the company, even in the face of the severe challenges of the economic crisis, the company's performance has also been booming across the board, and the sales revenue in 2009 increased by more than 40% year-on-year. This year's performance will also be impressive. The current order has been scheduled for June

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