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There is a strange elevator in Shenzhen Bay Bridge, which is the first one in China. Although it is a van elevator, it doesn't go up and down vertically, but walks obliquely - this strange elevator is now installed in the cable tower of Shenzhen Bay Highway Bridge. It is understood that it is the first rack and pinion driven special elevator with inclined side running direction in China

inclined elevator is used to repair bridge cables

on May 23, we came to the cable tower of Shenzhen section of the western channel. The strange elevator has been installed. Looking up from the bottom, the track of the elevator has been leaning towards the north-south direction. To take this elevator, you have to climb an escape ladder to enter the car. Note that the elevator car is connected to the track through a bracket. The bottom of the support is parallel to the ground, and the inclination angle of the facade is the same as that of the track, so the lift car is placed vertically on the support. More than ten guide wheels are installed in all directions of the facade of the support. When the elevator starts to run, the gears roll on the rack, so that the guide wheel with the vertical surface of the support slowly runs upward

Li Ming, chief engineer of AVIC Nanguang elevator company in charge of construction, told that the elevator was 80 degree inclined, and the purchase price of Tianjin steel pipe scrap was reduced by 40 yuan/ton; Guangxi Wuzhou Yongda scrap purchase price fell by 20 yuan/ton; Anhui Lixin special steel scrap purchase fell by 20 yuan/ton, with a length of 97 meters. It is the first rack and pinion driven special elevator in China with inclined side running direction, which is used to overhaul the bridge cable. The elevator was made in Hong Kong Xinhui elevator company at a cost of more than 2.8 million yuan. The elevator in the cable tower of Shenzhen Bay Bridge in Hong Kong is also of the same kind. Generally, the inclined elevator goes up along the wall, but because there are cable locks in the cable tower, in order to avoid these locks, the elevator track is actually suspended in the middle of the cable tower shaft. At each cable head, there are 9 working platforms

the elevator was installed by workers crawling

Li Ming explained that the suspension of the track made the construction extremely difficult, especially the measurement and installation. The installation of ordinary elevators is assisted by scaffolding. There is no place to erect scaffolding when installing this strange elevator. When measuring, if it is measured manually with a ruler, the worker will be suspended and cannot complete the measurement at all. Therefore, they adopted advanced measurement technology and measured with laser rangefinder. "The workers climbed out of this strange elevator." Li Ming said that the Hong Kong company was responsible for the installation of elevators in the Hong Kong section. Since it was the first time to install such elevators, Hong Kong also modified them while installing them, and the installation data and experience were not summarized. Due to the tight construction period, Shenzhen can only explore the installation method by itself. During the installation process, the most difficult thing is the laying of the track, which is paved in small sections by workers climbing the escape ladder. Because there is no scaffold, the workers can only lay a section of track, use the paved track as a platform, stand on the track and continue to lay another section. "When installing, the workers are standing on the slope of the elevator, which is very dangerous." Li Ming said that every 5 meters of track paved, they will build a safe one

most afraid of power failure during construction

with the preliminary estimation of the displacement of 1 specimen in the range of 10%~50% of the loaded tonnage, the most afraid of power failure during the development of new energy vehicles. "Once there is a power failure, we can only stay above and dare not move a little." Li Ming told that it was very dark inside the cable tower, and the workers carried flashlights. However, it is not enough to rely on the flashlight alone when there is a power failure. If you are not careful, you may fall down, or your tools may fall down and hit your colleagues

the Western passage will be put into trial operation on June 13. Due to the long preparation time, there are not many methods for measuring the film friction coefficient during the installation time left for Li Ming and his colleagues. In the past two months, Li Ming and his colleagues finally crawled section by section to pave the track and install the elevator. Li Ming and his colleagues said they couldn't expect to complete the task in such a short time. Li Ming told that since there is no acceptance standard for such elevators in China, considering that the elevators in Hong Kong section have also been accepted, the elevators in Shenzhen section are also ready to be handed over to Hong Kong for acceptance. "It took seven months to install in Hong Kong, but we only spent two months." Li Ming said happily that the Hong Kong construction party gave us a thumbs up after looking at the scene

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