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Shenyang shwil American brand 10kW diesel generator

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mobile phone:

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wechat: (shwil-kl)

person in charge: Kangli

Sunway motor equipment address:

warranty service: warranty for three years + lifelong protection supply accessories. Super long warranty, worry free after sales, high-quality products, excellent service, fair price, professional, honest, trustworthy

the oldest technical parameters of 10kW diesel generator set

unit model: sw10kwcy

primary parameters of generator set

mechanical size (mm): 860x630x720mm

part weight: 160kg

low noise mute construction from the export amount of each month in 2013:

Noise: 75 dB

1 Primary parameters of power

four stroke double cylinder diesel power

fuel: 0 # in summer, - 10 or - 20 # in summer/sae10w30

Power Construction: sw26hp

fuel tank: 35L

cooling style: air cooling

continuous task: 15h (hours)

engine model: we290f

2 Primary parameters of generator

additional input power: 10kW

maximum input power: 12.5KW

input voltage: 220v/230v/380/400

number of phases: single-phase/three-phase

power factor: 1 (COS Φ)

starting style: electric starting/long-distance starting

frequency: 50hz/60hz

voltage fluctuation: active dispatching AVR

after several 10 tests, fuel consumption: 265g/kw H

3. Unit component

4. Control screen:

the control screen is a light display integrated LED control screen. And with voltage, current, frequency, input power, oil pressure display materials, the greater the driving force, the diesel engine has the functions of overload, low oil pressure, overspeed, voltage instability, active shutdown shelter, etc

5. Standard accessories of parts and equipment:

the construction has four wheels and push handles, three electric start keys, three-year vulnerable parts, certificate of conformity, after-sales maintenance card, battery and connecting wire, device small kit, one set of detailed utilization statement and three power generation input plugs

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