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Shenzhen Tong joins hands with Huawei cloud to realize the "one yard pass" of subway bus.

in retrospect, have you ever experienced the helplessness of having to join the long queue at the subway ticket recharge office, or the anxiety of frantically searching for subway cards in front of the gate, or the embarrassment of borrowing change to buy tickets everywhere? Nowadays, with the implementation and application of emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and IOT, people's travel mode is being intelligently changed. Self service ticket selling, card swiping, NFC swiping, QR code swiping and other increasingly diverse means of transportation will make those embarrassing moments in the past history

on March 6, 2020, the Shenzhen connect bus code was put on trial in the whole line of Shenzhen subway. Citizens can easily scan the code to take the subway by simply registering and opening the Shenzhen connect bus code in the official app of Shenzhen connect, Shenzhen connect + applet or I Shenzhen app. The trial launch of Shenzhen Tong bus code has further improved the convenient subway travel experience of citizens and passengers, and seamlessly connected with the ground bus, so that in a few cities across the country, we adopt self-lubricating bearings to replace the hydrostatic bearing railway bus one code pass

the evolution history of Shenzhen connect

I believe that friends living in Shenzhen will never feel strange to Shenzhen connect. When taking the public transport in Shenzhen, take out the Shenzhen connect card and tick, it will be convenient to take the bus. At the same time, they can also enjoy the preferential subsidies given by the government. If you forget to bring your card or wallet, or come to Shenzhen for tourism, you can use a Shenzhen connect QR code to open it. Eelcee company won the JEC innovation award during JEC Asia exhibition to take public transportation. Take the bus first and then pay. The whole process takes only 0.3 seconds to complete the material selection of the bumper body of BAIC Foton passenger car. Now, after the application of Shenzhen Tong bus code in rail transit, it has brought greater convenience to Shenzhen citizens

as a first tier city with the highest comfort and coverage of public transport in China, Shenzhen has begun to build an intelligent transportation system earlier. In 2004, Shenzhen Tong company was established and took the lead in installing Shenzhen Tong equipment on buses. Since then, Shenzhen citizens can take public transportation with a card. In recent years, with the development of mobile Internet technology, Shenzhen Tong is also constantly innovating and iterating. At the beginning of 2017, Shenzhen Tong began to try the pilot application of QR code riding; In January, 2018, Shenzhen connect QR code was widely used in ground public transportation. Users can take public transportation by opening the applet Shenzhen connect +, which is more convenient and fast

in fact, as a relatively new payment method, Shenzhen Tong also had pain points in the early management and operation process. First of all, Shenzhen connect all-in-one card business naturally has interconnection characteristics and requires high resource flexibility, while the traditional IDC machine room cannot meet the flexibility of elastic capacity expansion. Secondly, as a public service for citizens, Shenzhen connect has issued more than 46million cards and more than 22million Internet users. With large business visits and concurrent traffic, it has high requirements for high availability and security. Finally, the operation and maintenance cost of self built IDC is also high

as soon as Shenzhen Tong QR code goes online, it will be on the cloud. Zhen Yongfeng, technical director of Shenzhen Tong, believes that cloud is the trend of enterprise digital development. After going to the cloud, technology platform providers and business operators are respectively responsible for what they are good at. At the same time, the advantages of cloud computing, such as elastic expansion and rapid response, can also provide a good support for the development of enterprise business. Especially for traditional enterprises, the cost of operation and maintenance security is extremely high, which seems like a bottomless pit. Huawei cloud can not only provide strong basic protection for enterprises, but also support enterprises to purchase security services on demand to help enterprises reduce costs

by using Huawei cloud's own load balancing, highly available database, intelligent resource scheduling, cloud encryptor and other technologies, Shenzhen Tong has effectively analyzed, adjusted and optimized the technical architecture, and effectively solved the management and operation problems, such as the most common problems encountered in the early days that cannot open the QR code. Zhen Yongfeng said that Huawei cloud's elastic cloud server (ECS) has the characteristics of elastic load balancing, which can automatically distribute access traffic to multiple ECS servers to achieve a higher level of application fault tolerance. Huawei cloud database is a combination of reliability, ease of use, rich functions and a wide range of applications. Customers can choose two modes of high availability and high reliability according to their own needs. For example, in the high availability mode, customers can switch directly when they find a fault, which meets the business flexibility needs of Shenzhen connect, and solves the problem of insufficient back-end computing resources caused by the huge growth of general users in Shenzhen

in May 2019, Shenzhen Tong QR code began to work on subway travel, and completed the transformation of background system and foreground equipment based on Huawei cloud. At the front end, Shenzhen Tong has completed the transformation of offline code and has been running stably on Huawei cloud. At the back end, Shenzhen general rule cooperates with Huawei cloud and contractors to optimize the architecture for high availability, such as building a dual active system in the computer room and establishing a standby system to ensure the stable operation of the system

at the same time, Shenzhen connect also cooperated with Huawei pay to launch interconnected cards to provide citizens with more convenient payment methods and experiences. With high-quality services, Huawei cloud provides Shenzhen connect with all-round plan hosting, emergency special line connection, public insurance services, etc. At the same time, Huawei cloud has a fast response speed, which provides a strong guarantee for the operation and maintenance support of Shenzhen Tong. It can be said that all the Internet businesses of Shenzhen connect are inseparable from the support of Huawei cloud

in order to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work in the urban public transport industry during the outbreak of COVID-19, and ensure the safe travel and safe riding of citizens, Shenzhen Tong has launched the co passenger information system since February 5 to help the Shenzhen transportation department establish a co passenger tracing mechanism for the confirmed or key suspected persons of novel coronavirus pneumonia, so as to curb the spread of the epidemic to the greatest extent

through the form of small program QR code, the passenger information system allows passengers to know whether passengers on the same journey have infection by scanning the code when using subway, bus and other means of transportation, and realize traceability. In actual operation, the system not only ensures the safety of passengers, but also assists Shenzhen public security and owner units in querying passenger information to avoid cross infection. Among them, Huawei cloud provides elastic and scalable capability support and stably supports business operation

at present, the number of registered users of Shenzhen connect QR code has exceeded 22million, and the daily transaction volume of Shenzhen connect is close to 3million

How can Shenzhen connect drive the development of smart cities under the new infrastructure?

now, the wave of new infrastructure is coming, and the integration of 5g, big data, IOT and other new generation information technologies into construction, operation, management services and other aspects will be the main trend. Among the seven fields of new infrastructure, one of them is intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit. As the application and emerging technology of Shenzhen People's travel and the structure and operation method of concrete pressure testing machine, Shenzhen Tong will also play an important role in the new infrastructure of Shenzhen in the future

for future development, Zhen Yongfeng said that on the one hand, Shenzhen Tong should make public service products live, constantly optimize and achieve the best service; Second, from the perspective of operation and revenue creation, enterprises should have Internet means and continue to strengthen the platform; Third, we should appropriately introduce commercial content, such as integrated mall. As the center of travel big data, Shenzhen Tong will spare no effort in the early stage of construction, urban governance and providing big data analysis functions for cities. In the future, Shenzhen Tong will continue to cooperate with Huawei cloud to build a better tomorrow for Shenzhen under the new infrastructure

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