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Shenyang robot has become the "national team" of independent innovation in the robot field, and the research group is conducting underwater robot simulation tests. This picture is taken by Xu Danwei

the Shenyang robot family is supported by a strong R & D team

behind every technical achievement, there is the wisdom and sweat of scientific researchers

at the end of July this year, a rotor flying robot appeared over the rainstorm stricken area in Fushun, bringing back valuable image data and photos, which provided an important auxiliary basis for the power department to quickly judge the fault situation

at the beginning of August, a dangerous operation robot for disaster relief and rescue appeared at the national earthquake emergency rescue training base in the western suburbs of Beijing, and its performance is amazing

in the middle of September, the Arctic ARV underwater robot successfully completed the Arctic Ice Survey operation and is now on the way home

in the past two months, these robots that have made great achievements in various fields are actually home in Shenyang. The R & D team of Shenyang robot is constantly writing magical stories with their own creative work

in the industry, the R & D team of Shenyang robot has such praise: the national team of independent innovation in China's robot field

with curiosity and admiration, I approached this excellent team to understand their real daily work status. How does this high-tech talent team endow the Cold machinery with spirituality, and how can steel and iron be made into omnipotent soldiers

8 years of research

how the Arctic ARV was refined

the lens focuses on this moment: in the harsh polar environment, a robot with a goose yellow shape similar to a torpedo was lowered and recovered from the ice cave at 8650 north latitude, successfully realizing the autonomous navigation and autonomous navigation of the robot under the ice at high latitudes

a new record was born: the complete success of the underwater intelligent robot's underwater investigation operation marks the maturity of the underwater robot technology of Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has begun to enter the stage of wide application

this underwater robot named Arctic ARV is independently developed by Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. During the interview on September 10, Li Yiping, a researcher at the underwater robot research laboratory of the Institute, told that Arctic ARV had successfully completed its scientific research mission in the Arctic and was on its way home and would arrive in Shanghai around the 20th of this month

she said that in early July, the Arctic ARV set out from Xiamen and took the snow dragon to the Arctic. Although this is its second expedition to the Arctic, the members of the project are still a little nervous these days. The last trip was mainly an experiment, but this time it was applied

there are two kinds of underwater robots: one is AUV, which is autonomous underwater robot; One is ROV, which is a remote-controlled underwater robot. ARV is a new concept underwater robot that integrates the technical characteristics of autonomous underwater robot and remote control underwater robot. Li Yiping said

as early as 2002, Shenyang Institute of automation first proposed the concept of ARV in China. At that time, they realized that they did not drink alcohol. With the continuous improvement and expansion of the scale and scope of polar scientific research, the high-tech equipment used in scientific research will inevitably become the focus of research and development in various countries

from the beginning of the development to the application of Arctic ARV, the scientific researchers of Shenyang Institute of automation spent 8 years

in 2005, the first ARV principle prototype was successfully developed, and then two types of ARV came out

Li Yiping said: it can be said that Arctic ARV is the crystallization of the efforts of all members of the research group for eight years. For eight years, day and night, they have experienced countless failures and successes

in 2008, the Arctic ARV was successfully developed and went to the Arctic for the first time to participate in China's third Arctic scientific expedition; This year, in order to participate in China's fourth Arctic scientific expedition, Arctic ARV has undergone a series of transformation and improvement

in the Arctic, the Arctic ARV has been continuously and pushed into the next clamping device for several days under the ice for different horizontal sections. The temperature and salt depth measuring instrument, upward looking sonar, luminous flux measuring instrument and two underwater cameras carried on the robot have obtained a large number of key scientific data such as sea ice thickness, optics and sea ice bottom morphology, and successfully realized the synchronous observation of various measuring devices under the ice, laying a technical foundation for the in-depth study of the rapid change mechanism of Arctic sea ice

dream team

its specialty is to take the first place and fill in the blank

mention the R & D team of Shenyang robot, which has unanimous praise in the industry: the national team of independent innovation in the field of Chinese robots

this metaphor is not too much. In the interview with Shenyang Xinsong robot Co., Ltd., which has been established for 10 years, the first one represents the fruitful achievements of Xinsong robot's independent innovation

China's first industrial robot prototype, China's first robot general controller, China's first five degree of freedom high-pressure water cutting robot put into use, China's first robot stamping automation production line successfully developed, China's first clean (vacuum) robot successfully developed, China's first government robot on duty, all these first in a series, all fill the gap in the history of robot development in China

in the company, the establishment of three major innovative R & D platforms at the national level, enterprise level and business group level has formed a gathering place for all kinds of high-end talents. The company has formed a R & D team with academicians and doctors as the core, and the R & D personnel account for more than 70% of the total number of employees, ensuring that the enterprise has a strong innovation ability

Shenyang Institute of automation, known as the cradle of Chinese robots, has undertaken many major and key projects in the field of national robots. The robots developed have been successfully applied in disaster relief, anti-terrorism reconnaissance, scientific experiments and other fields

in the State Key Laboratory of robotics of the Institute, we saw a flat robot with tracks. Assistant researcher Gong Haihai introduced to: This is the ruins cave search and rescue robot. Just last month, it showed the operation process at the national earthquake emergency rescue training base

it can constantly change its shape when crossing various obstacles, sometimes in a straight line, sometimes in a triangle. Gong Haihai said: we call it a deformable robot, also known as amoeba. It can search for survivors under the ruins or explore the internal structure of the ruins through mission loads such as infrared night vision devices and pickups

the concept of this deformable robot was first proposed by Shenyang Institute of automation in the world, and its inspiration comes from bionics

according to the interview, several 863 projects undertaken by the Robotics Laboratory and underwater robot laboratory of Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of sciences have just passed the acceptance

the research of amphibious snake shaped robot has passed the acceptance of MFR higher group of experts from the high technology center of the Ministry of science and technology. The subject has made a series of research achievements in the aspects of snake mechanism, gait and system integration technology, and developed a prototype of amphibious snake robot with independent intellectual property rights. In addition, the research on the key technologies of underwater glide measurement system and the coordinated control of autonomous underwater robot manipulator system have also passed the expert acceptance organized by the 863 Program in the field of marine technology. The subject of underwater glide measurement system has made breakthroughs in overall integration, carrier shape optimization design, low-power control, marine long-distance communication, marine environmental parameter sampling and other technologies, and has successfully developed an underwater glide measurement system prototype with independent intellectual property rights; Research on Key Technologies of coordinated control of autonomous underwater robot manipulator system innovative achievements have been made in the development of underwater electric manipulator and autonomous grasping technology of underwater robot

scientific research application

can rescue and disaster relief, and export to earn foreign exchange

high tech robots are the rough statistics of scientific researchers' hard research. It is found that about 67% of customers buy plastic bags, which is a flash of human wisdom

after years of research and development by the rotor flying robot research group of Shenyang Institute of automation, the rotor robot can now complete fully automatic take-off, hover, climb, acceleration and deceleration, track tracking, descent flight, and does not need any human participation in the task execution process

from 20:00 on July 30 to 8:00 on July 31 this year, Fushun area was hit by rainstorms, and many dangerous situations occurred. The disaster led to the complete shutdown of two 66 kV substations in Fushun Power, four 66 kV lines tripped for 5 times, 43 10 kV lines tripped for 43 times, 244 10 kV lines and 111 0.4 kV lines

most of the hardest hit areas are concentrated in mountainous rural areas, with complex terrain and harsh environment, and the line inspection and emergency repair work are facing a huge test. Moreover, some roads were destroyed by floods and were simply impassable

Liaoning electric power company urgently contacted the rotor unmanned aerial vehicle of Shenyang Institute of automation to transfer the rotor unmanned aerial vehicle in the development stage of the project to Fushun Xinbin area for rescue and line patrol

the rotor unmanned crew arrived at the scene of the accident and put into work at the first time. The image data and photo data brought back by the rotor UAV provide an important auxiliary basis for the power department to quickly judge the fault, and play an irreplaceable role in rescue and disaster relief. After emergency repair, at 2:30 p.m. on the 31st, the most severely affected Muqi town of Fushun City fully restored normal civil power supply

previously, this kind of rotor flying robot was also used in the oil spill emergency treatment work of Dalian Xingang, and was well received

the mobile robot produced by Shenyang Xinsong robot Co., Ltd. realizes the dynamic automatic assembly of automotive engines, rear axles, fuel tanks and other components, thus freeing workers' hands from the assembly process. The robot has many advantages, such as low failure rate, high precision, strong reliability and so on. It has been exported to more than 10 countries, such as the United States, France, Canada, South Korea and so on

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the most practical industrial robot

▇ the rd120 spot welding robot production line independently developed and reaching the international advanced level can be called a milestone in the industrialization and engineering application of industrial robots in China

▇ RH6 arc welding robot production line independently developed and filled the national gap, completely breaking the foreign technical blockade and product monopoly

▇ the first auto rear axle and fuel tank AGV automatic guidance single lift automatic assembly system independently developed has brought a new revolution to the auto processing mode

▇ stainless steel radiator robot welding production line is the first successful example of TIG robot welding stainless steel radiator in the world

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