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Standards and key of new packaging integration technology

people often encounter such problems in the process of research and development of application systems. In view of the diversity of existing application systems and various problems faced by integration: problems, such as information "isolated" chimney system, private as a means of business sales, in all exhibits (L) the existing system can meet some functions, when it is necessary to achieve full functional integration When the traditional waterfall model software design and implementation are inconsistent and standardized, it is to redevelop a new large-scale system that meets all functions, abandon the low existing level, lack of effective abstract software tools and necessary security protection system, or develop sub facilities that meet other functions on the basis of the existing system. It is necessary to realize the "seamless" integration of various software components and establish a common and consistent system, It is very important to use new technology to effectively apply the system integration framework between the existing system and the newly developed system. The establishment of integrated application system integration framework should consider a variety of factors. The demand for forced draft fans from the automotive and power industries increases and the balance between them. (2) the application system has just started to work well, but with the development of technology, such as abstraction and simplification, interoperability and scalability, structural symmetry and the change of demand, it is found that the adaptability and expansion ability of the system have decreased, and the system reliability, standard selection and multi standard coexistence Component isolation, metadata features and the core technology supported by frames are also unstable, resulting in a sharp increase in system maintenance costs, and it is difficult to divide the shelves. The key to the standard selection strategy * is the maintenance or even paralysis of the application integration box. The akulonxs film built and made has better tensile properties, which is the core of the stand and a significant sign to determine the stability of the core technology. How to correctly understand and properly solve these problems is a difficult problem for researchers to study system integration based on standards, which also has the following advantages: personnel. Enhance portability and interoperability in view of the actual situation of most domestic enterprises and departments, the author believes that the system integration of reducing investment costs and investment risks can not only make full use of past achievements, but also timely adopt science and technology that first enhances adaptability, and is open, saves investment, shortens the development cycle, delays degradation, and extends the life cycle. Avoid repetition and high reliability. Therefore, system integration can be regarded as a positive strategy to solve the problems of integration between existing systems and applications, and system research and development due to the development of distributed computing technology. Interoperability brings hope. Today, the interoperability problems of most heterogeneous platforms have been system integration. It is not just a simple stack of existing systems, but a solution first, while the interoperability problems of the application layer still exist, The key is that the integration technology that should be advanced in the distributed environment organically combines them with specific software components. There are inherent difficulties in program design and the lack of affordability between system services and applications. The price of recycled waste plastics is far cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years, forming a complete system, improving the interoperability of various components, and making standard interfaces. In this regard, omgcorba has unique advantages: the adaptability and scalability of the system are greatly enhanced. Based on the overall structure and real phenomenon of CORBA standard integration framework, the network basic object and name service object mask the different characteristics of the network transport layer through the network interface object, and explain in a unified way why the network transport service CORBA Standard Specification infrastructure (Infrastructure) is suitable for the network basic object to provide the interface between applications and network interface objects, and its function package establishes the application integration framework architecture, This mainly comes from its two pillars, including establishing a connection with remote objects, transmitting messages to remote objects, logging in and noting cobaorb and omgidl. It is an abstract object class. The application uses the interface provided by corbaorb for the software system through the inheritance relationship through its configuration compatibility and transparency. The name service object mainly lays the foundation for the establishment of the structure. Cobaorb location transparency eliminates management like namespaces. The dependence of program coding on service location makes it possible to relocate and reapply services. This automatic configuration of server services greatly simplifies the complexity of coordination and management between client 3 RPC packaging integration strategy software and server based on CORBA framework. RPC (remoteprocedurecal) is used to construct distribution systems. Omgml is an important software structure representation tool, which does not contain the implementation mechanism of system technology. It allows the local machine to call the implementation configuration information on the remote machine, but in the process of designing and implementing the configuration without knowing its physical location. RPC is neither a transport protocol nor a clear interface representation. This plays an implementation model in the process of system integration, but a way to use the existing communication facilities to transparently access the remote process, encapsulate the components and isolate them from the sub layers, and ensure the implementation of the components in the system. Reconfiguration can be carried out within the system life cycle

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