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Plastic machinery standard catalogue

since its establishment in 1987, the plastic machinery standardization sub Technical Committee of the national rubber and Plastic Machinery Standardization Technical Committee has successively organized relevant units to draft 31 plastic machinery standards that have been approved and implemented by the competent department of machinery industry standards. The relevant standards are as follows:

1 Jb/t plastic extrusion rigid tube auxiliary machine

2 Cultivate Yuyao intelligent photoelectric town jb/t rotary table injection molding machine for shoes

3 Jb/t plastic film recycling extrusion granulation unit

4 Jb/t plastic crusher

5 Jb/t plastic vacuum forming machine

6 Jb/t expandable polystyrene foam molding machine

7 Jb/t plastic extrusion dry hot granulation auxiliary machine

8 Jb/t5417 saw this kind of -1991 plastic exhaust extruder

9 Jb/t polypropylene non-woven machine

10 JB plastic machinery terminology

11 Jb/t plastic pressure forming machine

12 Jb/t plastic bag making machine

13 Jb/t plastic extrusion belt auxiliary machine

14 Jb/t plastic extrusion rotary table shoemaking machine

15 Jb/t plastic extrusion and wire drawing auxiliary machine

16 Jb/t plastic injection molding machine

17 Jb/t plastic mixer

18 Jb/t single screw plastic extruder

19 Jb/t's use of this kind of TPE material can not only greatly improve the productivity of plastic machinery barrel screws

20 Jb/t plastic extrusion blow molding hollow molding machine

21 Jb/t thermosetting plastic injection molding machine

22 Jb/t plastic extrusion blown film auxiliary machine

23 Jb/t plastic kneader

24 Jb/t all plastic shoe injection machine

25 Jb/t plastic circular loom

26 Jb/t plastic extrusion flat film filament auxiliary machine

27 Jb/t co rotating twin screw plastic extruder

28 Jb/t counter rotating twin screw plastic extruder

29 Jb/t conical twin screw plastic extruder

30 Jb/t hopper plastic dryer

31 Jb/t plastic extrusion profile auxiliary machine

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